Founded in 1973 by partners Joan Solà and Ramon Mena, SOME S.A. opened its doors in San Quirze de Besora (Barcelona) as a subsidiary and provider for the multinational S & P and was dedicated to the production of metal parts and assembly through the processes of cutting, stamping, bending, deep drawing, riveting, and welding. After initial company startup the aim of the two partners evolved into developing and producing even more specialized and technically complex products, turning Some S.A. into competitive industrial plant for the automotive and electronic industries.

In the 1980’s SOME S.A. became a worldwide provider to automotive suppliers such as REPA, KLIPAN, and BROSE as well as servicing the Industrial electronics industry by working with electronic giants HEWLETT-PACKARD and PANASONIC. With the opportunity to serve such reputable customers, SOME S.A. was established in the 1990’s as a forerunner in the stamping arena. SOME S.A. is now dedicated to the full treatment of metal sheet under very strict specifications and only using the most advanced technological means; ensuring the supply of technically efficient and highly competitive products.

In the last decade the Sant Quirze location was expanded on adding a new specialized section to the plant which provides the company an even larger area to conduct progressive stamping (400T-500T). This increase has doubled the production surface area to over 12,400 meters squared.
Continuous investments have led to further improvements and expansions within the company:

  • In 2005, a 1500 square meter warehouse is constructed for finished products.
  • SAP is implemented as the company ERP.
  • In 2006, the MATRIX Company (specializing in manufacturing injection molds and stamping dies) is acquired by SOME S.A.
  • In 2007, the addition of a Polish subsidiary (SOME KSW) creates the multinational SOME GROUP with the construction of a new plant in Kleszczów, Poland.

This newest addition to the SOME Group ensures the latest solutions in the stamping needs of clients while providing exceptional and efficient service. Our mission at the SOME Group is to meet all the requests and requirements of the customers, manufacture and sell our products at the highest quality yet at the minimum cost, and provide you with best service. To achieve these goals our group is guided by four basic pillars: RIGOR, TRANSPARENCY, ENTHUSIASM and FLEXIBILITY.