Founded in 1973 by partners Joan Solà and Ramón Mena, SOME S.A. began operating in Sant Quirze de Besora (Barcelona) as a provider of the multinational company S & P, manufacturing metal parts and assemblies through the processes of cutting, stamping, bending, deep drawing, riveting and welding.

The goal of the partners, after the first few years of consolidation, was to obtain products with certain technical difficulty, turning their start-up workshop into a industrial plant.

In the 80‘s the company became a provider to customers in the automotive world, such as REPA, KLIPAN, BROSE,...as well as the industrial electronics world (HEWLETT-PACKARD, PANASONIC), and started to have the definitive momentum to become consolidated in the 90‘s as an integral sheet metal treatment company under very strict specifications, using the most advanced technological means, guaranteeing the supply of the most technically efficient products and highly competitive.

In the year 2000, a new section specialized in medium tonnage progressive stamping (400T-500T) was created and, also, the SAP ERP was implemented.

In 2005, the plant was expanded with the construction of a warehouse of 1,500 m2, increasing the total production area to 13,900 m2.

In 2006 MATRIX, a company specializing in the manufacture of injection molding and die stamping was acquired and, in 2007, the Polish sister company , SOME KSW, was created, contributing to the European presence of what we know today as GRUPO SOME.

Currently, SOME is one of the leaders and benchmarks of the sheet metal processing industry.

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