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In SOME Automotive we focus 100% on the automotive sector and we are leaders in the manufacture of components for seat belts and airbags. As a TIER 2 company, we manufacture large runs of parts using cold stamping with progressive dies on presses of up to 500 tonnes.

As we strive to ensure continuous improvement, we have never stopped evolving, incorporating new technologies, implementing advanced management systems and increasing our efficiency through robust and reliable processes that guarantee the highest levels of quality in the long production runs typical in this industry. We also perform automatic assembly and robotic welding of components. SOME Automotive’s competitive advantage is the high efficiency and reliability of its processes.

That is why the sector’s main multinational TIER 1 and OEM companies place their trust in the SOME Group.

More than 80% of SOME Automotive’s production is for international clients. From our production plants in Spain and Poland we currently supply products to 27 countries in 4 continents.

Seat belts

The most effective passive safety device in the automotive industry. SOME manufactures complete seat belt systems with the maximum reliability.


Airbags are installed as a complementary safety feature to seat belts. Placed at strategic points in the passenger compartment, they inflate in the event of a collision, minimizing damage.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is the final piece in the steering system that controls a vehicle’s direction. The steering wheel also houses safety devices or control knobs.


Designed not only for passenger comfort, but also for safety, seats are fitted with elements that securely attach them to the bodywork.

Door Systems

Apart from the practical function of letting passengers in and out of the vehicle, the inside section of doors house devices for opening and closing the doors themselves and the windows.


The increase in electronic devices in vehicles has made driving safer and more efficient and comfortable. Today, electronics already account for 40% of the material value of a vehicle.


The main function of a vehicle’s suspension is to ensure comfortable and safe driving. At the same time, it protects the chassis by preventing it from absorbing any shocks.


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