Quality and environment

Quality and environment

We firmly believe that quality – achieved through drive, intelligent leadership and a proactive attitude – must underpin every activity in our company. It is when quality becomes an attitude that we can meet the highest requirements in our products and services.

To achieve this, we have:

  1. Safe and environmentally friendly process control methods (computerized total quality system in our plants, prepared for Industry 4.0).
  2. State-of-the-art measurement systems and computer vision checks, developed to be used by the operators themselves and supported by robust validation and calibration systems.
  3. Cross-functional teams working together to find the best solution for each challenge. We believe that “a company that thinks it has no problems has a big problem”.
  4. Layered process audits across all levels of the company, overseen by a broad group of people from all our industrial sections to ensure quality and environmental awareness.
  5. Network of partners who share our values and goals.

Quality and environment

In SOME we are fully committed to improving the environment.

After more than 18 years since the implementation of SOME’s environmental system, our environmental management is fully integrated transversely across the company, which together with our policy of continuous improvement is allowing us to be increasingly efficient and sustainable.

Transversality brings to all levels of the company the basic principles of environmental protection, based on the fight against climate change, saving and use of natural resources, prevention of all types of pollution, respect for the region and the continuous improvement of all these aspects.

Our group of companies is committed to and certified by IATF TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Quality and Environmental Certifications and Policies

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