Product engineering value: PT-COVER Case


Thanks to the Engineering and Design services of SOME Automotive, the design of the part was optimized, achieving significant savings in the cost of the product and an increase of the productivity of the production lines of the customer and SOME.

Product engineering value:  PT-COVER Case

One of the biggest TIER1 global companies of the automotive industry, provider of all type of products for important brands in the safety, prevention and electronics industries, among other, trusted SOME with the evaluation of possible cost improvements in one of their safety components.

The part was the cover of a pretensioning element of a safety belt with an attachment system with six axes that cross this part with the corresponding anchoring structure, riveted on the production line on both ends in order to attach the part firmly to the structure of the mechanism.

SOME‘s engineering services redesigned the product by creating extruded holes that only needed riveting on one end, eliminating the cost of the axes.  The attachment was much stronger, and therefore the number of attachment points were reduced from 6 to 5 and 4.

The solution created by SOME meant a reduction of 20% in the cost of the part of 20% and an increase of the productivity in the production process.  The component became a standard with application in many other products of the customer, multiplying the demand for the product ten times, which required investing in 3 new automated production stations.

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