Glossary of industry terms (I)


From SOME Stamping Solutions we have elaborated the following glossary of industry terms with the aim of collecting frequently used words.

Glossary of industry terms (I)

From SOME Stamping Solutions we have elaborated the following glossary of terms of the sector with the objective of compiling words used frequently for engineers and operators that will be very useful for their understanding and knowledge in the matter.

FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis): is the technique that defines, detects, identifies and classifies faults in a product, process or service in order to prevent them. It is a technique widely used for quality control of products and processes to ensure their proper functioning.

Metal sheet: these are the metal sheets used to manufacture parts in the industrial area. Their transformation is carried out through different techniques such as deep drawing, stamping or laser cutting.

Progressive metal stamping: this mechanical technique includes different operations such as drilling, coining and other deformations for the transformation of the metal part in different stages of the same matrix. The process is used for parts with high technical requirements in the sheet metal forming process and high production volume.

estampacion metalica

Metal drawing: is the technological process for sheet metal forming. This operation obtains, from the metal sheet, a hollow body, through the plastic deformation of the sheet. The operation is done by pressing the sheet against a punch through a pin, and exerting pressure on the excess material by means of a clamp.

Reverse engineering: is the process that allows to obtain information or a design from the product itself, with the objective of determining which are its components, how they interact between them, as well as to know the manufacturing process of the product. In this way, reverse engineering makes it possible to discover the technological principles of a product from the abductive reasoning of its structure and function.

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine): is the technology of direct measurement from a physical pointer or probe through which the operator can touch an object and send coordinates to a drawing file.

3D CAD System: The 3D CAD system, or computer-aided three-dimensional design, is used for 3D modeling. This technology is used for the design and technical documentation of products and processes. The system is widely used by engineers and other professionals to accurately design objects using a collection of three-dimensional points on the computer.

Soft-tooling: these are the sheet metal transformation processes used to manufacture metal parts and components without the use of presses and dies. This is essentially laser cutting, punching and bending techniques.


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