SOME is consolidated as a solvent “technology partner” for its customers


The continuous addition of modern technologies in SOME, together with the consistent application of reliable solutions, has allowed us to create the necessary trust from our customers to participate in co-investments in the production processes.

SOME is consolidated as a solvent “technology partner” for its customers

Since 2010, with the investment of a first customer in riveting machinery, which increased the production capacity that was necessary, new relationships were initiated in the processes that SOME was developing for the customer‘s project.

In this way, in 2015 a new section was "professionalized" with the first large project in an automated station, followed by 2 more in 2016, 3 in 2017 and 3 more in 2018. This new area of SOME is comprised of automated stations with a high technological level, advanced robotics and artificial vision systems for in-line verification of 100% of the production. They are fast machines with 3-4 second cycles with single control which multiply the production capacity for the manufacture of 7-8 millions of parts/year.

According to the requirements of each customer, the process engineering services of SOME create and design the processes and controls that each automated station will perform, which will be later developed and manufactured by specialized and completely reliable engineering.

In line with the trends that SOME identified in the market, this new area of strong growth was established, and SOME provides experience and advances engineering in order to satisfy, with complete reliability and quality, the strict requirements in accuracy and capacities of the customers of the automotive industry.

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