What is the laser cutting technique for?


The laser cutting technique, one of the most used processes in the industrial sector.

What is the laser cutting technique for?

The laser cutting technique is used to cut pieces of sheet metal from a powerful energy source made by the laser which, by concentrating its light on the surface of the material, can cut pieces of different geometries, even if they are very irregular. During the operation, a pressurised gas is used to evacuate the resulting material, be it oxygen, nitrogen or CO2.

To develop this process of manufacturing metal parts does not require the use of matrices, although it is important to note that to make it is necessary to have a high investment in machinery. At SOME Stamping Solutions facilities we have the necessary technology to cut with great precision, speed and agility.

From the technique of laser cutting can be manufactured products of different shapes and materials.


One of the materials in which laser cutting technology is most commonly used is stainless steel foil. These products are carbon steel alloys with high corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel is used in different types of markets. In the industrial sector, stainless steel products are used to make machinery for companies in the food sector or medical diagnostic equipment.

On the other hand, iron sheets are also one of the most widely used raw materials in the industrial sector, given their high strength and relatively low cost.

The laser cutting technique is a flexible and mechanized process that offers the possibility of making cuts with agility, but at the same time with great quality and precision. At SOME we adjust the production parameters appropriately so that the heat of the laser does not affect the final quality of the piece, neither at a dimensional level nor at an aesthetic level. Moreover, it does not require the customer to invest in dies or tools, making it the ideal process for short or medium series.

At SOME we have laser cutting technology aimed at the manufacture of metal parts for the industrial sector, whether air conditioning, medical diagnostic equipment, railway sector or recreational machines. The latest generation capabilities of our equipment allow us to achieve any geometry with great versatility in the cutting contour, as well as precision in the details.

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