Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting technology is used to cut steel, stainless steel or aluminium sheet metal or other materials to create pieces with different shapes.

In SOME we use the laser cutting process on different materials according to the needs of our clients:
  • Laser cutting of stainless steel
  • Laser cutting of sheet iron
  • Laser cutting of aluminium
Thanks to the latest-generation capabilities of our machinery, we can achieve any geometry with great versatility in the cutting contours and precision in the details.

Our company has laser cutting machines used for the construction of metal parts for the industrial and automotive sectors. In addition, our technology offers the advantage of not needing any investment in tools, with the resulting savings in terms of time and money.

At SOME, our sheet metal cutting processes offer clients a smooth and fast response thanks to more than 45 years of experience in the sector. We have innovative machinery that allows us to adapt the execution programs, without the need to manufacture tools.

This high level of versatility and flexibility, together the speed of our solutions, makes SOME’s machinery a very useful technology both for the laser cutting process and for the manufacture of everything from prototypes to longer production runs for the industrial and automotive sectors.

Laser (CNC) 4000 W; Automatic sheet metal warehouse: max. sheet size: 3000x1500 mm
Laser cutting

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