CNC punching machine

The CNC punching machine is the machine that performs the punching, the operation that serves to make holes and cuts in the metal sheet.

The CNC punching machine has a series of specialized tools to perform this technique: the punch, the gripper and the matrix.

The CNC punching process is the best alternative to laser cutting for its balance between price and quality, as long as the geometry of the piece allows it. For this reason we have an expert and specialized team to carry out the processes in the CNC punching machine.

In SOME we use numerical control CNC automation systems. The use of this technology allows us to introduce in a more structured way the data and coding the programming to design the cut of the metal sheet and monitor its production process.

The punching speed of the CNC punching machine, fed from an automatic sheet metal warehouse, allows us to make both prototypes and longer series, according to the needs of the client's project.


Punchers (CNC) 30 Tn; Automatic plate storage: max. plate format: 3000x1500 mm
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