CNC Sheet Metal Bending

CNC Sheet Metal Bending

The CNC bending process, also known as sheet metal folding, is the operation that makes it possible to fold metal sheets with great precision to obtain the required shape for the part.

CNC bending operations must be performed by a professional team with expert knowledge of CNC bending machines. The use of this machinery is complex, as the operation can produce folded metallic structures with good hardness and strength.

The sheet folding process is performed with a press that has a simple punch and die, meaning low initial investment and very competitive prices.

This machine exerts the necessary force on the part, producing a plastic deformation on an axis, which forms the part according to the client’s requirements. Different dies are used depending on the angle or shape required for bending the sheet metal.

The most well-known of these include the bottom fold, known as the V-fold, as well as the partial fold, also called edge folding, for bending with a variety of angles.

In SOME we have CNC bending machines that offer high flexibility and quality, allowing the sheet metal to be bent with great precision. CNC technology guarantees optimum process repeatability and rapid preparation of the machine.

Bending machines (CNC) Sheet metal up to 3000 mm. Bending aid tool
CNC Sheet Metal Bending

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