Welding and riveting

Welding and riveting

At SOME, mechanical joints with welds and/or rivets allow us to manufacture pieces made up of several components, metal assemblies and light structures for different industrial sectors.

At SOME we use welding and riveting technologies depending on the needs of the project, and in both cases we have extensive experience and capabilities.

In our industrial division we have a specific fleet of welding and riveting machines for secondary operations. We have several riveting centres and robotic spot and TIG/MIG wire welding centres, as well as different manual welding centres for the assembly of various components.

Then there is SOME Automotive, with automatic assembly stations designed specifically for each project. Due to the demanding requirements in terms of quality and precision, the automated stations combine different mechanical joining processes in fast cycles and incorporate three-dimensional in-line checks by scanner and machine vision, allowing us to achieve complete, highly productive solutions with our mechanical joints that offer maximum reliability and precision.

Robotic spot welding Double workstation
Manual spot welding 45 KVA
Manual spot welding 140 KVA
Robotic TIG/MIG welding Double workstation
Manual spot welding 180 KVA. Medium frequency machine
Automatic assembly stations Welding and Riveting
100% automated checks Scanner and machine vision
Welding and riveting

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