Industrial deep-drawing and stamping


With more than 45 years of experience, in SOME we are specialists in the process of drawing and stamping for the manufacture of sheet metal parts.

The metal stamping is the part of the sheet metal forming process that serves for the transformation of the metal part.

At SOME, we have a wide range of mechanical presses of up to 350 tons to develop the metal stamping process. This machinery allows us to perform cold stamping operations to manufacture parts and components of different materials, such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

The main techniques of cold stamping that we develop in SOME are:

  • Deep and semi-deep stuffing
  • Cutting and die cutting of metals
  • Stamping with progressive matrices

All those metal stamping operations are directed to projects that require high productivity in medium or long series.


In SOME we have a qualified team to elaborate the process of metal deep drowing  for sheet metal forming.

We have hydraulic presses of up to 500 tons of power. This machinery allows us to cover the processes of deep and semi-deep drawing of our customers for the forming of sheet metal in the industrial and automotive sector.


Hydraulic presses from 80 to 500 Tn
Mechanical presses from 40 to 350 Tn
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