Progressive stamping

Progressive stamping

At SOME we are specialists in progressive metal stamping for parts with high technical requirements in the sheet metal forming process.

Progressive metal stamping is a mechanical operation that can include different elements such as perforation, wedging and other actions for the transformation of a metal part using a single die.
Progressive metallic stamping uses a progressive stamping die with several cutting or forming operations that are applied to the metal sheet as it passes through the die. Progressive stamping allows a large number of bending, cutting and punching operations to be carried out using the same die.

Progressive stamping presses have a continuous coil feeding system, which allows a high level of automation and, therefore, efficiency and lower production costs.

SOME, a company undergoing international expansion, is aimed at the industrial and automotive sectors. We therefore have more than 25 presses from 15 to 500 tonnes. These metal stamping machines provide us with a great capacity and versatility to apply the most efficient and productive sheet metal forming processes according to the requirements of each project.

Our fleet of progressive metal stamping machinery includes high-speed presses with everything from BIHLER presses and modern Servo Presses, to small, medium and large-tonnage automatic presses.

BIHLER presses from 15 to 25 t
High-speed automatic presses 20 t
Medium and large-tonnage automatic presses from 250 to 500 t
Medium-tonnage automatic SERVO presses 400 t
Small-tonnage automatic presses from 40 to 160 t
Small-tonnage mechanical presses 125 t
Progressive stamping

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