Engineering and design

Engineering and design

Our knowledge and experience in industries as demanding as the automotive industry mean we are fully qualified to take on the role of technology partner. In addition, we have the best equipment to design and offer solutions for the integrated processing of sheet metal according to the needs of each client.

At SOME we have equipment with machine vision for reverse engineering, CMM machines with advanced measurement software, lab testing machinery, as well as the CAD 3D system that allows us to quickly validate metal parts and determine the support and control tools.

We work as a team with our clients, providing design alternatives. This means that not only can we ensure the feasibility and correct industrialization of the product developed, but by working together with the client we can optimize the design, functionality and cost of their project.

At SOME, the optimization of the product and process design does not end when the product is approved or manufacturing starts, rather we work to provide technological and production improvements throughout the life of the sheet metal project. We want our clients to be able to trust fully in our expertise. We offer value and solutions according to the latest market technologies and the wishes of the end client.

Progressive metal stamping, laser cutting, sheet metal stamping and CNC bending are some of the processes we use to design the industrial product you are looking for.

At SOME we have been managing and developing sheet metal forming processes for over 45 years, making us an international benchmark.

Contact our team to start your sheet metal project.
Engineering and design

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