Industrial Prototypes

SOME offers an expert and quality service for industrial prototypes, both potentially industrializable parts and single parts for sheet metal transformation processes with the aim of offering solutions to projects in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Before developing a new product, a suitable design of the final concept is essential in order to be able to manufacture it according to the customer's wishes and the requested functionalities. This is why prototyping is so important during the process.

The creation of industrial prototypes serves us for multiple functions. From testing the functionality of a metal part, the appearance or size, to the model of automatic behavior or its mechanisms.

At SOME we have all the equipment and machinery to be able to elaborate rapid and quality prototyping for the automotive and industrial sectors.

On the one hand, our plants have a workshop with a team specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial prototypes for sheet metal transformation processes.

On the other hand, we have the appropriate machinery to guarantee your process, such as CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, laser cutting or shears, among others. In addition to offering tooling service, 'soft tooling' with fast execution of small tools, as well as supervision and tutelage of the Technical Department that allow us to obtain excellent results. For special sheet metal treatment projects such as stamping or drawing, we also have the support of specific collaborators of prototyping of total confidence.

The prototyping phase feeds valuable information into the serial tooling project for subsequent industrialization. We are capable of reproducing in the prototyping process the most relevant conditions of the series production.

Contact our team and start developing your rapid prototype!

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