SOME innovation: the 3D optical scanner


SOME has just incorporated 3D optical scanner technology to guarantee the dimensional quallity of its products. 

SOME innovation: the 3D optical scanner

SOME has always been concerned to be at the forefront and work with the best available technologies, as in this case with the 3D optical scanner.

At SOME we want to offer the best service and the best quality, without this implying an increase in the cost of the product.

3D optical scanner

Since 1973, we have evolved and created an industrial group that is a leader as TIER2, in the automotive sector, and a reference supplier in all types of high precision metal parts and assemblies for numerous industrial sectors.

In our 21,000 m2 of production facilities, we deal with solvency and reliability all types of projects from materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum or copper, among others.

The fact of working with highly demanding clients, who are leaders in their sectors, forces us to continuously optimize our processes.

For this reason, we incorporate the 3D optical scanner that, by means of a superficial sweep of points in the 3 dimensions of the space, allows us to measure with high precision in complex geometries, analyze them at a high speed and make agile decisions about compliance with the specifications of our products.

What is the innovation?

Despite being high technology, the friendly environment of the equipment and the customized peripherals facilitate that our operators can operate with it without the need of having advanced technical knowledge.

It is used above all for the automated measurement and inspection of small and medium-sized parts and components. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 offers new possibilities for efficient automation for smaller measurement volumes.

The measuring cell is suitable for objects up to 500 mm in size and 100 kg in weight.

Another innovation is that while mechanical measuring machines capture data in a linear or dotted fashion, optical 3D coordinate measurement systems provide full-field deviations of real 3D coordinates and CAD data.

3D scanner applications

Possible applications include quality control related to production in ceramic cores, castings and plastic.

3D optical scanner

General technical details of the SOME 3D laser optical scanner

  • RESOLUTION: 2 CAMEREA 5 Mega Pixel GigE CCD, 2448x2050 pixels
  • MEASUREMENT AREA: 300x230 mm
    • ROTATING PLATE Ø300 mm
  • MAXIMUM MEASUREMENT SAMPLE: Ø500mm x 500mm height,
Some highlights of this new machinery incorporated in SOME are:

Virtual measurement room (VIRTUAL MEASURING ROOM)

The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) is the central control station and the measurement planning software for all the elements of the ATOS ScanBox 4105.

The VMR eliminates the requirement for specific robot programming skills. The robot can be completely controlled through a simple and secure software interface. As we have previously commented, it does not need specialized operators, which is a great advantage for any company.

The VMR allows programming, complete inspection and reports to be prepared in advance without blocking the system. This great advantage allows for short downtimes and fast response times. Minimize production stops.

3D optical Scanner


Kiosk Interface is a machine interface that allows a simplified interaction with the measuring machine.

Automatically handles the complete workflow of measurement and inspection.

As human interaction is reduced, high accuracy and data quality is guaranteed, and measurement, data and operating system parameters are protected.
3d optical scanner

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We invite you to visit us and discover all the services that SOME can offer and the technological improvements that have led us to be one of the references of the sector at an international level.


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