SOME, TIER 2 international company in the automotive sector


After more than 40 years working in the automotive sector, in SOME we have become one of the leading TIER 2 companies in the world and the leading company in metal components for safety elements such as airbags or safety belts .

SOME, TIER 2 international company in the automotive sector

But ... What does the term TIER 2 mean and how does it differ from the TIER 1 and TIER 3 industries?

The difference between TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3

In the production chain of the automotive sector it is important to be able to differentiate each of the processes according to the suppliers that are part of them.
One company depends on the other and the supply chain of materials and parts is an essential part of the production process to generate an integrated model. In general, a TIER 3 company supplies a TIER 2 company and a TIER 2 company to a TIER 1 company. Thanks to all of them, it is possible to build the final product that reaches the vehicle manufacturer and, later, the end customer.

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SOME,  TIER 2 company

Commitment, work well done and quality, are one of the essential values to become a benchmark company.
The supply process of the automotive sector is classified in the following phases, directed by companies with a specific purpose:

  • TIER 1: They are the first level suppliers. Manufacturers of systems, subsystems and components completely finished to facilitate it directly to the vehicle manufacturer.
  • TIER 2: Manufacturers of systems, subsystems and completely finished components to facilitate it to TIER 1 companies or vehicle manufacturers.
  • TIER 3: Creation of semi-finished products or raw materials. They usually supply products to TIER 2 or TIER 1 companies or vehicle manufacturers.

SOME, TIER2 company. Confidence and international expansion

Since 1973, we have evolved and consolidated the SOME industrial group as a TIER2 company, in the automotive sector worldwide. Currently, more than 80% of SOME's business volume is aimed at international companies. We are a reference supplier in all types of high precision metal parts and assemblies for many industrial sectors.

Subsidiary SOME Poland

In 2009, we consolidated our expansion in the international market with the opening of our subsidiary SOME KSW in Poland. From our division of SOME Automotive we currently serve the plants of our customers in 28 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

SOME international presence
At SOME, we have not stopped evolving as a TIER 2 company and to show commitment and quality in the products and pieces made. Therefore, currently, the main TIER1 and OEM multinationals in the international automotive sector trust SOME as a TIER 2 company for the supply of products.

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