SOME participates in the HappyOPA project to promote healthy habits


The HappyOPA research project of the University of Vic, aims to know the state of health and fitness of workers.

SOME participates in the HappyOPA project to promote healthy habits

SOME, along with other companies in the Osona and Vallès regions, has participated in this research project carried out by the Sport and Physical Activity Research Group of the University of Vic-UCC. The project is on Health Promotion in the Manufacturing Industry and focuses on the effectiveness of a physical activity programme in the workplace (Happy-OPA).

A total of 61 SOME workers have measured for a week, using a small device, the time they spend sitting, standing or doing physical activity. With the data collected during a whole week with the devices, a detailed report has been obtained that explains the habitual physical activity pattern of the workers inside and outside the work environment.

The objectives include understanding the needs of workers in the industry with high levels of physical activity, and then making available to companies different policies applicable in the work environment to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Soon, the area responsible for Health and Safety at SOME will start a series of trainings and activities to encourage healthy habits.

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