Discover the process of sheet metal stamping


At SOME we are specialists in the process of sheet metal stamping, so we give you the keys to discover our process.

Discover the process of sheet metal stamping

We have more than 45 years experience in the sector. We have made the process of sheet metal stamping for different sectors of our industrial division. We have applied our work in sectors such as ventilation, air conditioning or industrial laundry.

What is the drawing process?

The industrial stamping is a technological operation for the forming of sheet metal. This operation obtains, from the metal sheet, a hollow body, through the plastic deformation of the sheet. This process is done by inserting the sheet against a punch through a paster, and exerting pressure on the excess material by means of a plunger.

The process of sheet metal stamping is used in the manufacture of machinery and products for different sectors. From computer and electronic materials to medical diagnostic equipment, ventilation and industrial air conditioning.

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Our capabilities cover semi-deep and deep drawing processes thanks to our hydraulic presses of up to 500 Tn of power.

Definition of tools

Drawing die: set of assembled components that can move with each other.

Punch: Steel tool (hardened material) with the interior shape of the piece that is intended to be obtained.

Shaper: Tool of steel, also hardened, with the mission of molding the sheet to the shape of the punch in a progressive way and from the outside.

Pusher: Hardened steel tool. Its function is to regulate the pressure of tread on the sheet and against the shaper, to balance its creep and to avoid wrinkles and breaks.

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Phases of the sheet metal drawing process:

There are variants on this process. The most applied in SOME is with the configuration of fixed punch and presser, both in the lower part, and passed in upper part, integral with the press car.

In the first phase of the drawing process, the metal sheet is placed on the mortise matrix. It remains stable thanks to the fact that it is centered on the trawler.

Then, while the pisador keeps it against the past, it advances against the punch, which exerts a constant pressure on it. As the punch is applied to the past, the form develops, depending on the force.

Once the process is completed, the piece is formed, since the pressure of the pastor is able to deform the silhouette against the punch, which remains stable with the gripper.

Depending on the hole in the past and the shape of the punch, a piece with one shape or another will be generated.
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Now that you know a little more about the SOME sheet metal drawing process, contact us to get your quote and develop your piece.

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